Enemy in Sight Reprint from Lost Battalion Games

Cover Original Version (Avalon Hill)

Rum, Sodomy and the Lash

.. and all that.

I picked up the new version of Enemy in Sight (Lost Battalion) at HISTORICON. I’m happy that LBG decided to reprint the game– AH’s crappy old cardstock does NOT stand the test of time, nor do their ‘gamette” boxes, usually. I rather liked the old artwork, though.

I can’t fathom why Lost Battalion went with the radar wave pattern around the ship art on the cards, which is slightly off-putting. It makes me jones for the older cards. I suppose playing with the older ship cards is still possible, they didn’t change the deck much at all. Truly this is a minor quibble, as it doesn’t affect gameplay in the slightest.

I played it with Drey, Anne and Gar last week. EIS is still a great family game, and plays fast enough if you ignore a few confuising rules. Hell, I still am probably doing LINE BREAKER cards wrong, after all these years.

Functionally (design-wise) the game has changed very little if at all. There are no new rules that I could see and very few new cards. The folks at the LBG booth told me which ones were added and hanged if I could remember. They weren’t anything that broke the game as far as I could see.

It’s too bad LBG did not deign to even take a look at the wonderful job Tom Cundiff did in extending the game. Talk about a labor of love!!


In any event it plays as well as it ever did, and makes a great family wargame (still). I played it three times last week and am very glad it got reprinted.

5 responses to “Enemy in Sight Reprint from Lost Battalion Games

  1. Hey Walt, LBG will be at TriaDCon, and they will be demoing games, and running some tournaments. Enemy in Sight is one of the titles that they will be both teaching, and runnign a tourney for. They will also have vendor space selling their games. I bought this one, used to have the AH version many moons ago, and the WWII ones, at Hcon. I have not even had a chance to take them out of the packaging yet, but I hope to run through a demo of the WWII game so it is easier when I have to read the rules for myself.



  2. Glad to hear that, Andy. I like EIS quite a bit and played it (literally, to death) in the older format with the flimsy cards (ditto for NAV WAR). I have been holding off on the purchase of their space combat game so I could buy it at TriaDCon just to make them feel good about being vendors… lol

  3. OK, so I lied! EIS wont be one they are doing demo’s and tournaments for, it will be Brwling Battleship Steel and Galactic Expanse. Still, should be fun. I will be trying to sweet talk one of them into showing me how to play Battlelines. I wonder if they still have that Commisar Woman???

  4. no biggie. I already know how to play EIS. They still have that commisar woman, but she has plumped up a bit. Not that I mind, who am I to judge?

  5. Phil Gardocki

    Liz stopped performing as Katrina Koniev in 2005. She has a new gig as the “Dockers” girl. The ladies manning the booth since then are not her. We will be at Nashcon, Historicon and WBC this year, and will happily demonstrate Battlines to any and all. Often we have Corps level events.