Hooded Minions

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Evil Cultists from Pulp Figures

I’m all over this like stank on a pig. Check out the new hooded evil cultists from Bob Murch’s PULP FIGURES line:

I like these a lot more than the OTHER hooded cultists I know of in roughly the same scale, from Reverisco. Mostly because of the heft on these figures.

I could have used these when I was running some evil cultists (headed by Ah Pook the Destroyer) in the last VSF game I put on for the Kid’s Gaming Camp earlier in the month.

I can see why they aren’t painted white….


  1. Hey Brother Walt!

    I have these as well but have not painted them b/c I don’t know what color to use. Obviously white would cause too much commotion and Bob has used purple, I was thinking black but that might lose alot of the detail. Maybe Red? Curious on your opinion

  2. Hi, John.

    I’m going to paint mine a crimson color with lighter red highlights. My thought was to try to recreate a Cthulhu glyph on the big stomach of the fattest minion (See this font set here for what I’m talking about). It’s called “Cthulhu Glyphs” and is freeware from fonts.baydragons.com I would do the symbol in a contrasting color like yellow or gold.

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