GI Joes gone wild!!!

More hobbyists with lots of time on their hands…

Holy Snikies, there’s more than one of these things. And this time, it’s a boat. A tad overblown with the dashing Uboat captain at the wheel of what looks like a barge, but that’s okay, he’s colorful.

Remember that big train post that I put up a couple weeks back? Here’s a giant 1/6th scale boat, with GI Joe sized figures aboard. VERY nice.

My hobby just doesn’t seem that obsessive any more.

Click on the picture to go to the boat.  (2012 link update: 6 years later, the direct link is dead, but the original site,, is still in business.  So here’s the link to the main site, you will have to search for the post in the forum).

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