Making my own Food

Tomatoes and Squash and Cucumbers

I’m sampling some salsa made from MOSTLY items from the new vegetable garden at the moment– celantro, tomato, cucumber (all grown by yours truly) with some store bought red onion, vinegar, spices and garlic. It’s delicious.

I know I come off as easily amused here, but this is the first year I’ve tried a vegetable garden and I’m greatly amused by the results. We’re getting tomatoes coming in hand over fist. This is probably due to the incredibly wet summer we had in June, combined with steamy hot weather now.

There’s something primally cool about making a dish with your own vegetables. It ain’t exactly a return to pioneer times, but there’s somethng about it that makes it taste better.


3 responses to “Making my own Food

  1. Walt
    Preservatives and chemical salts screw up food. Try a little white pepper next time.


  2. Dear Walt

    Primally cool huh?

    Munchin’ veggies out of your garden might be ok for you Beltway-Bobs but Saturday I made offers on two properties in Pennsylvania of 11-18 acres each. One is on a sloping hillside with a nice view, and the other is on a mountain top in a crag and gorge area surrounded by a vast state forest. The first doesn’t have much woods, the second has all woods, but they’ve logged out the hardwoods so I have to do a bit of re-seeding and reforstry (nothing serious like a clear cut or anything).

    My primal cool will be planting a few new Oak groves in each of them and hickory trees as boundary keepers.

    I also intend to re-seed here and there the traditional great trees of the teutonic weltanschauung. The lightning drawing oak, the ever-fertile pine, the verdant and food giving maple, and the Yggdrasil, the world-supporting ash.

    Now kiddies, if that isn’t primal enough for you– the way to protect the small saplings from devastation by the animals is a fertilizer-mulch they make which has a major component dried animal blood! Keeps the game and deer away.

    That’s primal.

    Now… all I need for a perfect winters day is a few of those cardinals…..

    Ahhh… a “krug” of mead, a haunch of venison, and thou beside me in the Wilderness with a wolf howling in the distance– ah wilderness is paradise (or at least Valhalla) now.

    The German has come into his forest again.

    Let the world hold its breath.


  3. My primal cool will be planting a few new Oak groves in each of them and hickory trees as boundary keepers.

    There’s a great story I associated with this comment. Someone, I can’t remember who (but I think it was Clemenceau) was instructing his gardener to plant a slow growing tree grove.

    “But sir! That tree takes 20 years to mature!”

    “Then you had better get started right away, there’s not a moment to lose.”