Local Guests

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Cardinal Babies
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bullet rocket

Why my truck won’t be moving for a month or so

We have two gigantic cherry blossom trees in the front yard that are pretty much the bane of the lawn’s existence. They look gorgeous in Sprintime, as every house on the block has one or two– it makes for a great display. One of the great features of cherry trees is they have lots of little branches that are ideal for birds.

Imagine our delight when we noticed that a family of cardinals, Virginia’s state bird, have set up shop in one of the cherry trees. No surprise, this.. cardinals routinely nest in the surrounding area but they are rarely this easy to see.

Unfortunately this particular birds nest is on a branch that overhangs the street slightly. Putting it squarely in the path of the occassional brush by the 18P Express line and the occassional rampaging postal truck.

So I’ve parked my truck underneath it. This way, any bus driving by will have to give our guests a wide berth.

I like cardinals. They are colorful, mate for life,and always return to the same place every year to have babies.

We also have several robin and thrush families in residence.