Daily Archives: July 13, 2006

What?? Another Historical Period to waste money upon?

bullet rocket

AK47 Republic

As much as I enjoy Nigel Clarke’s AK-47 REPUBLIC modern african war games at the Game Parlor, I’ve yet to do more than consider purchasing an army of my own and paint it. That has now changed.

militia with caps

A recent blunder at Brookhurst (about which I am NOT angry, as it worked out to be in my favor) resulted in me getting the equvielant of 40 USD in credit, and I’ve made my first foray into building an army. Here’s my starter troops:

17-1 qty 2 Regular/Professional troops with kepi and SLR
17-5 qty 1 Regular w/. AK47 and caps
17-8 qty 1 Regular w/. RPGs
17-9 qty 1 Regular w/. LMG
17-4 qty 2 Militia w/. AK-47
17-14 qty 1 P/R/M with mortars
17-30 qty 1 Regular officers with beret
17-10 qty 1 Militia w/. Bolt Action Rifles.

Not a bad batch. It’s only the beginning and doesn’t represent a complete balanced AK-47 Republic force, but I think it’s a start.

What should I get next?