Daily Archives: July 12, 2006

Macabre, huh?

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Wargaming gets greenlighted?

I found this over at “Current TV” a site that demos film projects, has the viewers vote for them and if they get enough votes it makes it on the air.

That’s Duke Seifreid in the goatee, of course. And Jay Hadley is in there, and I think Don Featherstone is in briefly– I can’t remember which HISTORICON was the last one he attended but 2001 sticks out in my memory. If that’s the case I remember the film crew. Actually it’s nt bad AS A FILM but the writeup on CURRENT TV is a tad condenscending and it starts with a classic negative sterotype, using the phrase “The Macabre World of Wargaming” to describe the contents. Certainly this is an unfortunate choice of words.

Oddly enough, the film crew DID film a “peace game” I was running at the time, Le Grand Cirque du Wabash. They got tons of footage, which I guess is on the cutting room floor. Sigh.


Ah, the miracle of life

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Who my baybee Daddy?

Remember when Maury Povich was a responsible journalist????

Well, longterm Washingtonians remember him on “Panorama” and then the first years of A Current Affair, which was the death spiral downard.

Nowadays Maury has carved out a comfortable niche as “the Paternity Test guy”. His “reality show” specializes in asssiting unwed mothers in finding the father of their illegitimate babies via the use of paternity tests. Stalwart fellow, providing that service.

The real keeper was a young woman named Tela who recently set the Maury Povich WORLD RECORD! Tela appeared on the Povich show eleven times.. that’s 11, eleven, ELEVEN!!! Times. That’s right, she had sex with ELEVEN MEN in the time period in question, where the baby was sired. And guess what happened?

Well, click on the PLAY button to see the hilarious hijinks that ensued.