Miniatures Games Progress Reports

The Tibetan Corpse Racing Olympiad: I had a long pleasant chat with Howard Whitehouse last night. The jockeys are completed. These were the critical element in this game. I have all the other elements to make the game happen now (Yak Carts, Adorable Victorian waifs, riders and tibetan heads, extra skellies for race spoilers).

Expected to land around the time of TRIADCON.

Untitled Russo Polish War game project: A lot of effort has gone into this lately. I have most of my Russian Cavalry army painted up and have just ordered some Litko bases for the entire army (that’s everything) of 3mm flat wood, 30 x 40mm. I’m painting up a lot of plastic for this game; there’s not much available in metal (that isn’t ruinously expensive) I tried out the new Kryolon plastic bonding primer. I’m very impressed! Lots of give and a smooth finish that can take some paint. I also was considering going to Fernando Enterprises to rapidly paint my Russian Revolutionary Naval Infantry, but may go with “Reinforcements by Post” as he offers comparable (low) prices and he actually answers email.

So my preliminary Russian force will be:

  • 8 stands infantry in greatcoat and schlemm hat
  • 8-10 stands of Revolutionary soldiers in old imperial peaked hat (with red badge– these are HaT figures for Russians in the great war)
  • 16-18 stands cavalry (mostly Orion’s Red Cavalry but also Strelets’ Mounted Terek Cossacks, which proved a bitch to paint.

    I also have a couple of Emhar Mark 5 tanks and the HaT Russian WWI heavy weapons pack.

    Return to Lilliputt: Other than picking up some terrain tiles at Cold Wars, this project hasn’t had much done for it lately. I have to base up all those 6mm infantry figures and build some paper buildings and a ship model. Then it should be ready for testing.

    NOMICA: with the purchase of CCG Maker recently, I’ve discovered a great way to cheaply make the chaos deck that is such an integral part of this game. The rules are being punched up and I even found some pyramid shapes for the generic objective spots!