Controversy, controversy.. surely not HMGS again?

Can’t we all just get along? NO? Oh, okay then…

If I know the tournament crowd the way I do, this will be all over the place by now.

It would appear that the big, stinkin’ controversy over HISTORICON boils down to two floor plans. Exhibit A and Exhibit B.

Exhibit A is the floor plan that Scott Holder, the tournament cooridnator came up with.

Exhibit A

The distance between the tables appears to be a yard in this drawing, based on each cell being a square foot. I rather doubt that would be good enough, but according to Scott, he’s approached authorities on the ADA issue about the distance between aisles and this floorplan got the nod from them.

NOTE: Upon receiving further information on this drawing, the squares represent TWO FEET in Scott’s drawing, to ONE in Duncan’s. That means the space in the aisles is really closer to six feet, maybe over. That’s much better.

Exhibit B is the floorplan that Events Director Duncan Adams is promoting.

Exhibit B

According to the 1 foot per square rule (see Exhibit C) the distance between the aisles is 8 feet. This is probably overkill as far as I’m concerned, but it certainly answers the mail for the ADA.

Exhibit C

It’s Bob’s convention and his call to make, and I support that. However, we’re having a problem of immovable objects meeting irresistable forces on this issue, people. By now, Scott has broadcast this issue to everyone who will listen, pitching the fever pitch up to every tournament guy with a grudge.

The way I look at it, it’s getting to the point were nobody wants to compromise on anything any more. Maybe it’s time we rediscovered the ancient American art of political compromise. My good friend Otto recently commented that the “business of HMGS East is no longer the hobby, it’s pursuing a vendetta.” I would hate to have him proved right, he’d be too insufferable about it.


Important Disclaimer
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