Singularity 2 is in the works

Diplomacy Again!

Announcing SINGULARITY 2. This will be a YOUNGSTOWN variant Diplomacy game run by email using RealPolitik as a graphical map tool, adjudicated by me.

YOUNGSTOWN is a lot like COLONIAL DIPLOMACY in that there is a Far East Asia element to the map and new players. The game is likely to be a little longer than the previous standard Diplo game of SINGULARITY 1.

Please email or comment your interest; I will be INVITING the final players and hopefully we can get a good crowd going this time.

Information on the Youngstown Variant.

Initial unit placement and home centers for the Youngstown variant is:

F Trieste
A Vienna
A Budapest
A Klug

A Berlin
A Munich
F Kiel
A Posen

F Ankara
A Baghdad
A Smyrna
A Constantinople

F Canton
A Hankow
A Peking

A Delhi
F Madras
A Calcutta

A Warsaw
A Moscow
F St. Petersburg (SC)
F Sevastopol
F Vladovostok
A Omsk

F Edinburgh
F London
F Joharra
F Liverpool

A Venice
F Naples
A Rome
F Magudisco

A Marseilles
F Brest
A Paris
F Saigon

F Tokyo
F Kyoto
F Osaka

Map (click to enlarge):

Big Map

My email for this is HERE. Remove the obvious webcrawler foils.