CCG Maker and Nomica

Chaos Factor Cards Revealed

I’ve been working on a game called NOMICA (Nah-mi-ka) for about a year and a half. In short, the central rule of the game is that you are constantly changing the rule of the game. NOMICA is heavily infulenced by its paper game cousins, NOMIC, DVORAK and FLUXX, only NOMICA will feature miniature soldiers. To give the players an easy and fast way to change the rules, I have devised a card set for rules-changing I call “the Chaos Factor set”. It’s not TRULY chaos, as the range of choices are limited to the deck, but it gives the appearance of chaos and is perhaps a tad more “gameable” to use cards. I could have just used old business cards or something like, but I decided to have some creative fun with the idea, especially after playing around with ELECTION SEASON. The use of “Dante’s Card maker” for the Election Season led me to his commercial product, CCG Maker. CCG Maker is a software utility that allows you to build CCG (Magic) style game cards of almost any variety. The card templates are all customizable and they allow for the importation of your own art and symbol set. For ten bucks, it’s a bargain. Here are a few “Chaos Factor” Cards. They are all green, and their purpose is to change rules. There are OTHER kinds of cars, of course, but I haven’t developed them yet.


Goodie Limit: FOUR

Hand Limit: NONE


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