Election Season!

Starter Deck Release Preview: Election Season!

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The boys in the back room over at Hasborg are ever-swift to sniff out an opportunity to make a buck by shamelessly exploiting a popular trend in gaming. I was rousted out of my slumbers over the weekend for the pitch: “What if a popular miniature gaming society’s election shenanigans were made into a limited edition Collectible Card Game??” I goggled in astonishment. “You’re nuts, Hasborg.. we’ve been to that well too many times for them to buy it this time!” Alas, their generous offer to remodel the kitchens at Casa O’Hara had me caving in point-blimfark.. I can be bought so easily!

So without further delay, here’s Hasborg’s limited release card game ELECTION SEASON!, postulating on how the antics of gaming societies’ board elections would make great fodder for low comedy.

Card Previews

First of all, the goal of the game is to be touching the Secret Circle, otherwise known as the Ring of the Chosen. Inside the Ring, Candidates have the power to issue Secret votes, black balls, Pronouncements, Dark Referendums.

Meet The Candidates

Candidates are the primary role of the players.

The Wizard of Infrastructure wields subtle energies that can effect the entire game.

The Warrior of DystelFinch is a chaos knight with devastating attacks.

Pylum Higher is most effective in the Net War! phase.

Popular Poison Pen has the power of Ancient Lore behind him.

The Knight of Lancaster has many friends, but is he in the thrall of the hideous G.O.R.G.A.? Only the cards will say.

ANY candidate, once he has touched the Ring of the Secret Circle, may have the power to change into the sinister Sorhead, The Candidate with the most power. There can be only ONE Sorhead…

Sorhead has some minions that assist him automatically.

The Mouth of Sorhead can deflect NetWar! attacks and actually takes hit point damage FOR Sorhead when tapped.

Net.Kook transfers some of his life power to Sorhead during NetWar! phases.

Tools, Events, Spells and Summoned Creatures

Every Candidate has certain tools at his disposal..

The Secret Vote can be devastating, but it can be countered with White Mana.

Beware the Ancient Worm! The Ancient Worm has the Power of LORE. Lore can stymy (tap) a candidate unless it is countered.

The most numerous card in the Starter deck will be Net War!, the most effective way of sabotaging other Candidates. Many players and their minions are very effective in Net War! attacks.

The Dark Coterie can attach to ANY player, if that player is declared Sorhead.

The Bad Moon Rising card works best in conjunction with an Election card.

The Dreaded BLACK BALL will keep a candidate immobile for as long as mana is poured into it.

Any candidate can be sent into EXILE for a certain number of turns, unless they can negotiate with other Candidates to help block the card.

Convention cards help remove discord and increase the postive mana in the game. There were only two of these in the initial release of the game, but a third one was added in the expansion series.

I’m so Above it All.. is a spell that adds chaotic effects to the game, either removing or adding discord.

The Do Nothing Kid adds negative energy to Candidates engaged in Net War!

Another plentiful card, the Really Eventful Meeting card is an artifact that any Candidate may play to dispell the effects of other cards in play.

The hideous G.O.R.G.A. is a competing Candidate (or minion) that lends energy at a price. G.O.R.G.A. may be a candidate in the next release.

The Volunteer Militia (use “Volunteers” or “Staff” interchangeably) provide support for a Candidate. Unfortunately they have a limited life span.


Here are two cards from the Election Phase of the game. Not shown: Dark Referendum, Write In Candidate, EgoManiacs, Stalwart CDs, Candidate Bio Traps, Appealing to the Old Crowd

One of the candidates’ greatest dangers is the Membership Election card. Proper play of the election card (only one per deck) is essential for victory.

The extremely rare ELECTION RECALL card can be the bane of a candidate’s existence.

So there you have it. No word on the release date of the game yet, but there’s talk of a special pre-election printing…


The cards depicted above are meant to be a very broad parody of stereotypes, opinions, fears and anxieties that routinely get expressed in relation to a certain gaming society. In NO way do I intend this posting to be anything but a work of fiction– it should not be construed as being the opinion of anyone other than myself. So there, Bill, you don’t need to call me! 😀

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  1. Dear Walt

    I assume you will forgive my exception to my non-posting decision in this case.


    I giggled all the way through it. No– I actually laughed deep laughs from the3 bottom of my dark soul, heavily redolent with schadenfreude- no– not schadenfreude- just pure sadistic maliciousness.

    The guys who sell their souls for a hotel room knocked me off my chair.

    I think I’ve pretty much pegged everyone and figured out real names to go with the characters. Unfortunately I wonder if somehow I made it to the pick and haven’t caught on.

    One never knows with you.


  2. Dear Walt

    If you would not mind a suggestion or two from the Penut gallery-

    The Legion of Horror- This card can be played at any time to “enzombie” a card just played by another player. It cancells the effect, though lose one life because you have to walk around with a medal pinned to your suit and look like a Soviet minister of Agriculture.

    The Scruffy Crown- If you control the Legion of Horror you can place the Scruffy crown on the head of any one player (except Sorhead) and he becomes ineffective and can do nothing for his turn until he realizes its totally meaningless.

    The Fartful Dodger- This card is used to orrest useful activity. AIt simply takes up space in a players hand and can’t be played, discarded or used in any way.

    Blushing Wysteria- An artifact used to bemuse, cloy and mislead any player for one turn. Masquerades as a beautiful flower but is in actual fact poison ivy and gives one a nasty, itchy, suppurating rash.

    General Plainpayne- The player becomes a legend in his own mind and dissappears into a time-space continuum that transports him to Bizarro world.

    PS. I can offer a neat logo for this one.

    Mimeo- An ancient sage and seer who of great power that can materialize out of thin air xeroxed ballots pre-printed with the players name for use at a membership election.

    I leave the details of the moves for you to fill in if you chose.


    nvention by persons in outer-darkness.

  3. Just funny as hell!

    [after playing out all possible outcomes for Election Season]
    Poruchik: Greetings, Mister Nizz.
    Mister Nizz: Hello, Poruchik.
    Poruchik: A strange game. The only winning move is not to play. How about a nice game of toy soldiers?

    Pirated from Wargames the movie 1983

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