A once-in-a-while Meta Post about Blogging

Blogging Tools Roundup

I keep a collection of bookmarks on the subject of blogging and podcasting, many of which you can see in the blogroll box (“Writ of Common Wisdumb”) on the left hand side. Some of these are new. Many of them I don’t use, but have tried.

NOTE FROM 2015 (edit): Most of the tools listed below are defunct.  Some of the famous ones are still around (sitemeter, Google analytics, etc)
Statistics Packages

• Sitemeter (my top choice)

• Google Analytics

• My Blog Log

• WebAnalyse

• Performancing Metrics

• AWStats

• Mint

• Extreme

• Webalizer

• Stat Counter

• Measure Map

• Slim Stat
Blog Editors

• Ecto for Mac and Windows

• Qumana

• BlogJet

• Zoundry

• w.bloggar

• Blog Desk

• Post2Blog

• Performancing for Firefox

• Mars Edit
News Aggregators and News Sourcing Tools

• Bloglines

• FeedDemon

• Technorati

• Google Reader

• Website Watcher

• BlogPulse

• Blogarithm

• Topix

• Blog Bridge

• Grazr

• Rojo

• Memeorandum

• NewsGator Online

• Net News Wire
Email Subscription and Newsletter Services

• FeedBlitz

• Zookoda

• Aweber

• Yutter

• RssFwd

• Feedburner’s Email Subscription Service

Other Tools

• Pingoat – pinging service

• Pingomatic – another pinging service

• AudioBlogger – audio post to your blog via phone

• BlogRolling – a service to manage your blog roll

• Creative Commons – copyright protections service

• Feedburner – RSS tool that adds a variety of features to your blog’s RSS feed

• Picasa – find, edit and share all the pictures on your PC

• Flickr – Store and share your images – good way of hosting images if you don’t have a stand alone blog on your own domain.

• Flock – A browser that enables sharing and blogging from within it

• Copyscape – allows you to track down other sites that are stealing your content

• TalkDigger – ‘find, follow and join conversations evolving on the Internet.’

• Blog Flux – Stats, Pinging and Directory
• Backpack It – A place to organise your to do lists, notes, files, reminders and more – all online

• Basecamp – Like Backpack it (same people behind it) but great for collaboration on projects.

• Ice Rocket – Blog Search

• coComment – Keep track of the comments you leave on different blogs in a central place

• co.mments – Similar name to coComment but not to be confused with it – a way of bookmarking and following comment threads via RSS

• Gabbly – Add live chat to our blog posts (like real time comments combined with IRC)

• Del.icio.us – Social Bookmarking site – good for sourcing stories but also great if you get linked to on it to get traffic

• Digg – Another major Social Bookmarking site

• Only Wire – a bookmarklet that submits posts to multiple social bookmarking sites at once

• Odeo – a tool for recording and sharing audio/podcasting

• TagCloud – produces Tag Clouds for your blog from RSS feeds

• Indie Karma – a micropayment system for bloggers

• Tiny URL – Turns long URLs into tiny manageable ones

• Swicki – a new type of search engine that harnesses the power of a web community – sort of like a search engine and wiki combined

• Stock.xchng – Free Stock Photos

• Favicon Maker – allows you to make a favicon from a photo

• YouTube – a tool for putting video on your blog

• blip.tv – another video uploading tool


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