It’s Earth day!!!

Happy You Day, Sweetheart

You’re still looking good after all these years.

Let’s hope we don’t do something stupid and ruin your health.

Love, the Tenants..


  1. Dear Walt

    Yes, and here’s to all those brave souls who champion the old girl–

    like the liberals who drone on about air polution but compete with each other to buy the biggest SUV’s (or as we call it, the poor man’s hummer)

    like the “save the whales” whales who chat with each other over their PC’s, ipods, blackberrys, and all sorts of other electronic crap and ignore the fact that the electronic megacompanies in Japan have created whole islands of toxic dumps of old or defective components that leach out toxins into the ocean– they’ll remark over their sensibilites at the next brie and white whine part (no, that’s not a misspelling of wine).

    like the tree-huggers who only want certain means of alternate energy (ie ones they already have) and extoll the virtues of third-world life styles here so we can save the forests, but ignore the fact that most of the clear-cutting and massive exports of timber are to the third world countries who waste them at a rate even faster than we do.

    what’s killing the world is not pollution but hypocrasy.

    See– it’s your fault– you should NOT have given me “Fast-Food Nation.”

  2. 4.5 Billion, give or take a year. She doesn’t look a day over 3 billion to me.

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