More Assorted Pix from CW06

You can’t too much of a good thing…

More pictures from John Buck, who just sent me a CD full of COLD WARS pictures from last month’s con. The PreDreadnoughts in the previous post are from this CD. Thanks, John!

Man, what I wouldn’t give to have the time, money, and skill to make a rig like this. I love race games, and I love chariot games more than most race games…

Just a little reminder about the theme. I think this is the best picture taken of the XX Legio guys. Trivia note: as a minister, I have married people from time to time. The fellow on the right was witness when I married our mutual friends lo, these many years ago, and only remembered it a week or so after the convention.

For my money, John Rigley’s Moby Dick might be the most photographed game at HMGS cons these days. And justifiably so! These pictures actually show some of the mechanics of the game as well as being great eye candy.

What are those red chips for, blood points? They sure bring the subject matter home, don’t they?

Speaking of racing games.. I’m not exactly sure what this event was because I didn’t take this picture. But it LOOKS like a miniatures version of 3M’s old SPEED CIRCUIT game to me.

Gwyneth Kane’s SNOWBALL FIGHT (Snowball’s Chance) is an excellent demonstration that we don’t always need to use lead to get the job done.

Some Avro Lancasters on the way to drop big heavy explosive things on people.

Not sure what game this is (I wasn’t taking the pictures) but man oh shevitz, do I love naval gaming at this scale. Looks like 10mm to me, so maybe these are Toby Barret’s 10mm 1812 line? Dunno.

John (my friend who took these) likes Naval gaming as much as I do, so a lot of these are of ship battles. Here’s a big scale ACW?? game done with Merrimack shipyard models. It looks big sprawling and silly… i’m eating my liver with jealousy that I didn’t get to play in it.

I can’t figure out the troops on this one.. I’m tempted to say Samurai era. Sure looks purty, though.

I suspect this is Jennifer Palmer’s Barroom Brawl game, using Blood and Swash rules. I’ve played this before, it’s a great time.

Not sure what this is.. broad avenues, cactus and the buildings suggest a Wild West game. That’s a huge investment in skirmish buildings on the table. Is that a K-Line building in the foreground?

A nifty looing assault on a walled villa in WW2… looks like a bocage game, but who knows?

Finally.. No soup for you! The French line cuts a complicated turning maneuver…

That’s it for this post.. I may put more up in the next couple of days, so stay tuned..


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