It’s a small Empire, isn’t it?

Coincidence? You be the judge.

As I was making the rounds thanking people for their participation in Cold Wars 2006, I sent an email off to this guy, the POC for LEGIO XX, generally gushing about the contribution to the event.


His response reminded me that our paths had crossed before:

Took me a while to figure it out, but we’ve met before: you officiated
at Ed S____ and Carol K_____’s wedding almost 15 years back. My wife Jane
and I were their witnesses. Small Empire!

Looking forward to seeing you at Marching Through Time. You’ll enjoy it!



Small empire, indeed. The reference is to the fact that I am an ordained minister, of sorts, and can perform marriages legally in the Commonwealth of Virginia. Ed and Carol, being Marylanders, had to cross the Potomac and conduct the ceremony in my little ratty apartment in Alexandria at the time, with Matthew and Jane along to sign as witnesses on the marriage license. All neat and proper, like.

Glad to see my little college pranks have had lasting beneficial effects!


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