Circvs Maximvs turn 2

Well, Chris pulls out the whip and beats his poor horses again. He generates an additional 4MF from the Voluntary Strain to go with his base
speed of 20. He pulls to the inside to get to I/26.
Rob shakes the reigns, but holds off on the whip.
Jamie whips his horses, but apparently didn’t make much contact because it only gained him +1MF. With his original speed of 20 and the +1, he could have been in the lead at this point, but Chris cut in front of him forcing him to move out 1 lane. With a move of 18/Out/2, Jamie ends on II/25.
Bob’s team continues to run along as Bob attempts to gain control of the reigns. (NMR)
Walt cracks the whip and his horses respond (+5). With a base speed of 20 and the +5 from VS, Walt charges down the track. With Jamie in his way, Walt pulls into lane III and passes him; but not before ramming Jamie’s team. However, with a roll of 5 (-3) for light chariot, a 2 on the Ramtable produces no damage. Walt ends his turn at III/26.
We have our first damage!
Ken whips his team and gains an additional +1 VS. He moves 1/Out/2/Ram MarkG chariot/1/Ram MarkG horses/10 to end at V/14. MarkG chose to Hold and accept the attacks. The first attack on the car resulted in a roll of 14 (3d6) = defender damaged. With a roll of 7 (2d6) +3 for HC = 10, MarkG suffered 4 points of wheel damage. Check for flip die roll was 7 = no flip. The attack on the horses was far more devastating – With a roll of 10+3, MarkG suffered 5 points damage to his horse #1, resulting in death. There is now a bloody mess of guts and horseflesh in VI/3. MarkG will need to cut this dead horse free before he is able to move again.