A fine, selfless tradition in blogging

Sometimes I get some pretty odd links when I’m looking at the usage statistics for this blog. One of them was “http://ilovemybreasts.blogspot.com“, the blog of a charitable (anonymous) young lady that likes to take pictures of her breasts in cute settings. This is a noble pursuit from a generous soul. Having browsed around the blog a bit I’ve discovered a larger movement amongst similar, noble and selfless ladies who wish to display the assets that God gave them. This is called “Half Nekkid Thursday” or HNT. Witness the contributions of the lovely Leesa, Mz. Naughty, shannin, Tess, Wenchy, Lee Ann, Blondie, Libra! and many others.

Ladies, what can I say? I salute your selfess dedication and generosity. Your efforts make the internet a better place for humanity.


One response to “A fine, selfless tradition in blogging

  1. You’re very welcome! And thank you for your sweet comments, it’s nice to be appreciated.