Get in line, kids!

Say, are these people waiting for Eminem tickets? NO!

Garth Brooks reunion tour? Jimmy Buffett Parrotheads?? NO!!

Nope, this is only PART of the line stretching around the BEST BUY in Northern Virginia the other night, as people waited in line to purchase the new 360 XBox, due to hit that store the following morning… yes, they stayed out in the cold all night to get a video game system.

These are crappy pix, for which I apologize, taken from my Palm Pilot out of our van window. So you can’t make out that MOST of these people are parents!!!

Never, not in a million years, would I stay out in a sleeping bag at the Best Buy to purchase a video game for my kids. Some people amaze me.


One response to “Get in line, kids!

  1. Chuang Shyue Chou

    Simply amazing!

    I haven’t understood console gaming yet. Maybe, just maybe, some day I will.