Slavery: no laughing matter

I just got done taking a mandatory “Awareness Training” via a CBT portal called Navy Knowledge Online. We get these drills sometimes, usually about security, IT awareness, various HR issues. You probably do something similar if you have a white collar job and have some form of automated ethics or time-reporting web based training.

The difference this time was THIS module was called “Trafficking in Persons Basic Awareness Training”. The module at first seemed pretty silly– my days of going to donkey bars being a part of the distant past and all. But the factual information was pretty staggering. The sheer numbers of people being moved around the world and being held in what is essentially modern day slavery is appalling.

I know that this was really meant for sailors visiting places like the Phillipines or Thailand and not fat old whitecollar me living in the comfortable ‘burbs and all, but it really did open my eyes to something I didn’t know existed.. or at least I didn’t know the problem was as bad as it is.