SHECKELS 1: Acquire by Email

Acquire via the web

I’m a big fan of the Sid Sackson game Acquire, which I admit I’m not all that great at but I like the design. I’ve discovered another great web-enabled PbeM site, this time called called They run Acquire games there, using a low-frills, low graphic game engine that will maintain a game board map and track moves, but the moves are conducted by email.

There’s room for ten (10) players in one game, which seems like it is too much; I think four (4) players minimum would make for a nice game. If you are interested, I will start SHECKELS 1 (and be playing as a player since the site makes it a no-brainer).

Since the game runs as fast or slow as we like, we have a high degree of team control over this thing. I hope someone is interested!

Respond here with an email addy, or email me at

Here’s a screenshot of the web interface for Acquire. Pretty neat and elegant, in my opinion.

Games By Email’s House Rules for Acquire