PanzerSchreck 15

Good news from Gary Graber follows…

Panzerschreck #15

A lot of work has gone into the newest issue of PANZERSCHRECK, and I’m happy to say I can start giving information about what you can expect.
Issue #15 contains FOUR games, on a variety of topics. Here are the summaries of what you can expect from #15!

MORTAIN 1944 is a two-player hex game simulating the (limited) German panzer offensive in August 1944. It uses a variation of the ASSAULT ON CHERBOURG system (from issue #13). Contains 80 double-sided 1/2″ die-cut counters, 8.5 x 11 full-color card map, rules.

RAID ON SCHWEINFURT is a solitaire game of the USAAF bombing raids in late 1943 against the Schweinfurt ball bearing factories in Germany. The player controls the planning and execution of the B-17 raid, assigning target, fighter coverage, how many waves, if there is a diversion wave, and so on. Includes “role play” option with rules so that you are one of the crew members of a participating Flying Fortress. Fly over Germany with up to 400 bombers in a game that plays in under an hour! Contains 60 double-sided 1/2″ die-cut counters, 8.5 x 11 full-color card map with all game tables on it, rules.

HIPPODROME is a multi-player (works best with 3 to 5 players) card game of Roman chariot racing. The emphasis here is on strategy, not on becoming a demolition derby! Includes two 8.5 x 11 full-color cardstock maps (butted end to end to create the track), rules, with game markers and chariots in color on card, which must be cut out. (Yes, there are still whip attacks and ramming!) Designed by Neil Graber.

NORTH SEA CAMPAIGN is a strategic level World War I naval game for two players, where Britain’s Grand Fleet versus Germany’s High Seas Fleet vie for control of the North Sea. Includes 8.5 x 11 full-color map, rules (including solitaire options), dozens of individual ship counters (dreadnoughts, battlecruisers, pre-dreadnoughts), which must be cut out prior to play. The whole campaign game plays out in UNDER an hour… and includes optional tactical rules for those of you who like a little more detail.

I am terming the first two titles “issue games” since they have die-cut counters, and the last two “Mini-Sims”, as they have odd-sized counters which must be cut out. So, you’ll be getting four games on a wide variety of subjects… I am pleased with each of them!

And I haven’t even mentioned the magazine yet! The feature article is a great interview with DON GREENWOOD, which will be a must read for fans of the hobby (Avalon Hill fans especially). In addition to this, there is the usual assortment of articles and variants on a variety of games, plus the usual PZSK magazine departments, much like previous issues. Oh, and it looks like this issue will be bigger than #14… I’m guessing 48 pages (all in glorious color) at this point.

We are setting up a kind of “pre-pub page” where you can reserve your copy, and we’ll contact you (to pay) when it is ready to go. Art has sent me a couple great looking pics (including one of the new cover), but I will post it only when this link is all set. You will know the link is up when you see it posted here!

There are a couple of extra incentives I’m working on for pre-pub order guys, too. Pre-pub price is $20, including postage to N.America. Now, where in the world can you beat a deal like this??

I can anticipate the next question… when will it be ready? The goal still is December, but other than that, I can’t be more specific. Art has shown me the initial artwork, and it looks great! At the moment, we’re on schedule, but keep your fingers crossed!

So, you can expect the same kind of fun from the new issue as you’ve come to expect from previous issues.

When I have more info, I will post here and the Minden website. All previous PZSK issues are still available… check them all out by visiting, and click on the PRICES link.

I’ll stay in touch, and thanks for the interest!


I’m definitely interested in the Chariot game (like, DUH) and I make a point of buying all the WWI naval games that Minden/Gary has produced so far (I’m a fan of the desktop minis system DREADNOUGHTS AND BATTLECRUISERS by Gary). So I’m looking forward to this one with great anticipation.

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