Day trip to Luray Caverns

As part of the recent Thanksgiving Trip, Drey, Anne, Gar and myself motored down to Luray to visit Luray Caverns. The kids have bugged us about it for a while, and frankly, I haven’t gone since I was seven or so, so why not?

One happy memory I didn’t have about the place is that all those little features they advertise on TV around here cost money, money, money… We got a kick out of Gar and Annie repeating word for word the cheesey Luray Caverns TV commercial and editing it for reality. “Get lost in a maze.. FOR SIX DOLLARS… visit the carriage museum… FOR SIX DOLLARS.. see our lovely caverns… FOR EIGHTEEN DOLLARS…” We just did the Caverns and got in the carriage museum for free.

Here are a few snaps I took with my Palm Zire:

A spectacular Stalagtite formation, looking like flowing water..

Another one, with flowstone on the side..

Looking down at a field of flow stone with the singular column called “Pluto’s Ghost” illuminated in the center.

A living formation of flowstone, looking like candles dripping from strings…

Tried to get a picture of the underground reflecting pool.. it didn’t come out due to poor illumination.

Part of a giant column, unfortunately the light was awful here.

A giddy, spelunk-y time was had by all.. I actually liked the carriage house, as it had some fairly obscure automobiles in it, including my favorite, a three wheeler Morgan. Not a bad trip, I wouldn’t do it EVERY year, though.