Stop me before I spend again!

For the love of God, it’s Christmas, I should really be concentrating on my wife’s list.

However, the recent announcement by SIERRA MADRE GAMES about the full color deluxe printing of AIRSHIPS AT WAR really gave me the bug to get this. Given my love of lighter than air aircraft, I’m just a sucker for this sort of thing.

For those of you ignorant of the great Phil Eklund, he’s the one man band behind Sierra Madre games, and the designer of Luftschiff, Pancho Villa Dead or Alive!, Lords of the Sierra Madre, High Frontier, Insectica and many other quirky and fun conflict simulations. My favorite effort by him, so far is Luftschiff, the solitaire zeppelin mission game.

Now, I’m a fool; I admit to that– so I’m still scratching my head why I bought a full color update to a game I own three copies of (Luftschiff), plus two copies of the expansion (Reisen), plus one of Zeppelins: CRV or whatever it’s called. Yet.. Yet.. the full color plushness of this edition is just too much of a lure, and since I’ve sent Phil Eklund enough $$ over the years I’m getting a break on the price (to 14 bucks). I think Phil is a game designing genius, myself.. I just wish he’d get working on some new stuff that is strictly a SMG product.