A very different sort of game

I bumbled across this exhibit by Andrew Hieronymi(now there’s a name to conjure with, very Boschian) which recently played at FUTURE PLAY 2005 and MICROWAVE INTERNATIONAL MEDIA ART FESTIVAL.

In the designer’s words:

MOVE is an interactive installation divided into six distinct modules, JUMP, AVOID, CHASE, THROW, HIDE and COLLECT.

Each module offers a single-user interaction, based on a verb corresponding to the action the participant is invited to perform.

Each verb corresponds to a common procedure acted out by avatars during videogame play.

Each module offers an interaction with abstracted shapes (circles, rectangles) behaving according to simplified rules of physics (collision, friction)

Copyright 2005 Andrew Hieronymi

(the icon set pictured above maps to Jump, Avoid, Chase, Throw, Hide and Collect)

Go to the MOVE WEBSITE and watch the videos. Probably doesn’t hold a candle to being there but it sure looks interesting.