Just wondering …

If anyone out there finds the new Burger King “king” mascot as creepy and disturbing (in a homoerotic kinda way) as I do?

Apparently, I’m not the only one. The folks over at ADWEEK, a magazine dedicated to analysis of the advertising industry, have their own blog, and recent postings indicate that the “King” has a very similar “uncomfortable” impression on just about everyone who watches it. The big question is, was this BK’s intention all along?

For another view on the same subject, try “Waking up with the Pope“..

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  1. He is *definitely* creepy. The ad where the guy is rivetting at a construction site and The King slowly peers out at him from around the beam… if I were that guy I would scream and either fall off the building or try to shoot him with the rivet gun.

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