Recent Halloween

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originally uploaded by HOTSPUR.

Garrett as an Orangutan, and me as an Angry Jamaican posse member.

I’m astonished out how systematic we can make trick or treating. Well, I guess I shouldn’t be. I remember laying out neighborhoods for most efficient candy yield back when I was a child. My brother Jim and I would grid map neighborhoods for least distance between houses and hit those first, then the more affluent neighborhoods for the most candy by the end of the evening (people are more likely to dump a bowl at ten of 9 then ten of 7, for instance).

Anyhoo, we (Annie (who I picked up on the way) Gar and I hit our old townhouse neighborhood and cleaned it up from top to bottom in 42 minutes. A new record!!!

We had time to come back to our neighborhood and hit selective streets of people we know.

We had time to come home, dump out all the bubble gum and useless stuff (outgoing for trick or treaters, natch) and go out again.