Deathmaze PBeM: House Rule about regaining HPs

Since there doesn’t seem to be anything in the rules (short of potions and spells) for regaining HPs for Wizards (and only said potions and spells for non-wizards; a wizard can’t heal himself), it is my opinion that there’s something missing in Deathmaze. Not to worry; I have confered with another DM fan and we have created this house rule:

The Paolo Rule

A player character gains 1 HP for every 3 hours of rest. In game turns, the player takes a turn to rest (do nothing). For every turn taken resting, the player(s) must check once on the Wandering Monster table. If a WM appears, the monster’s Combat Round precedes the player’s Combat Round UNLESS a player is “Posted Guard”. Guarding Player Characters do not receive the HP benefit of Resting.”

I particularly like the guarding bit.

I will have another turn ready for posting tommorrow night; I’m in class all weekend.

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