Web Geekery Awards 1 and 2

A Brand New thang for Mr. Nizz

Time to do something constructive for a change. From time to time, I stumble across something on the web that makes me say.. “Hot Diggity! Wish I had thought of that!” or even more appropriately… “Hot Diggity! I wish I had the SKILL and IMAGINATION to put something like that together!” So, in honor of the spirit of innovation that makes this blogosphere of ours great, I hereby create the Web-Geekery Awards (fanfare on).

Pay attention, here comes the mission statement part.

The Web-Geekery award goes out to websites that demonstrate a new concept, widget or just plain demonstration of imagination on the web, usually appealing to that geeky niche in all of us. The subject matter can be, frankly, almost anything that doesn’t involve practices that I (me, the judge) find offensive, illegal or appalling, but will LIKELY be found in the areas of gaming, culture, history, sociology, economics, and/or science.

With that said, I do hereby bestow:


To the HISTORICAL TALE CONSTRUCTION KIT website. This site uses Flash 6.0 animation, beware in advance. The HTCK takes elements of the Bayeux Tapestry and allows Flash-enabled web browsers to create their own stories using the editor.

That's a geek alright


To the DUKE ELECTOR KING webpage. This isn’t some technological geegaw, webgame or utility, just the personal creation of a somewhat warped mind. The Duke Elector King website outlines Tom Harris’ fictional country, and presents rules for playing in this fictional (“Lace Wars” era) country in a very different middle Europe. The end result is pretty funny and demonstrates a lot of innovation and hard work.

That's a geek alright