CONSIMWORLD as a Magic the Gathering game

Just like Boardgamegeek, Spielfrieks, and TMP, the major site for board wargaming, Consimworld, has its flameups, flareups, disputes, archtypes, and individuals.

Here are a few of these rendered as an imaginary game of Magic the Gathering.

You’ll never guess who HE’s supposed to be..


We know who the Man-Mountain is, surely?

Use judiciously!

We make that hammer work…

AKA the “Gotcha Monstah”

The Ultimate I told you so.

Alas, complaining will do you no good…

Your constant bickering and whining brings me down…

Not the best forum for communication ever invented by man…

And so it goes. Here are some far better cards made up by Jason Schmidt, the Imp of the Perverse.

(you have to have been a BROG veteran to get this one)

It works so well with Acronym Attack

I call that one.. the Steadman special…

Of course, there’s his close cousin..

And of course, the legendary..

(never played it, myself…)

Lately, we’ve seen this in play a lot..

And, unfortunately, all too much of this one:

See what I mean?