Axis and Allies Miniatures; I sell my soul to Satan

Collecting Axis and Allies Miniatures

As I predicted, “commons” are starting to show up on ebay for very low prices. I have always wanted to turn the game of SNIPER! into a miniatures game, and with a little fudging, I plan to do this at some point this year. Here’s what I have so far:

3 M4A1 Sherms

1 M3 Lee

2 Jeeps

2 Stuarts

2 SD-KFZ 231s

1 SD-KRZ-222

I don’t think I’ve cracked 20 bucks so far, shipping included. My plan is to make the buildings from the basic layout using Clementine box wood with a little bit of a paint job to make them generic. The buildings will have hex grids inside, and the terrain outdoors will be on hexmat.

I don’t think I’ll be using any of the plastic WW2 infantry from A&A miniatures.. they look too crude. I already have a number of 15mm Peter Pig figures already painted and based for this project (the entire compliment of the SNIPER game, in fact).

I will have some work ahead of me translating SNIPER’s original funky isometric slanted hex map (circa late 70s) to a standard top down hex view.