Terry Sharp…

Ain’t life wonderful? You truly learn something new every day.

I got the following invite from a pal of mine today:

A lot of us started pre-ordering THE FACELESS: A TERRY

back in May, when Bobby T. and the Adester generated a serious buzz in here. I’ve got two copies on pre-order at the Amazon now, due to deliver in October 2005 (just $6.95). At the time I ordered, I mentioned the possibility of a T.V.B.C. type discussion of this book, after we all get our copies (say, sometime during the first week of November). Who’s up for it?

(Mrnizz), if you’re still into graphic novels, I would love to have you on board on November 1st for the discussion, and I’ll send you my extra copy, but you have to promise me you will participate actively. If you can’t, just say so, and no worries.

I’m going to see Bobby T. and Ade (he’s coming over from London) next month. They’ll be watching the TERRYtalk closely, I am sure, seeing as this is their baby.

I’m occassionally on a panel for this and that, and would love to participate… but I didn’t know much about this book, to be honest. I know Neil Vokes through Bob (who sent me this) so I went and looked it up. WOW.. I’m all over this like “stank on a pig”… I love the art-deco style and clean lines of this thing.

The best part is the premise. Check this out:

By day, Terry Sharp is a hard-living, skirt-chasing, celebrated director of classic horror films. But by night, the horror turns real – Terry has discovered a shadowy group of Satanists hell-bent on taking control of the British government. This knowledge has made him a marked man. Black magic or bullets – the Faceless conspirators don’t particularly care which – as long as the end result is Terry’s death.

Horror movies? Chasing Satanic Cults? Dude, I’m SO there!

I love the occassional graphic novel and I REALLY love horror movies. What a natural!

Go HERE: http://theblackforest.net/terrysharp/index.html for more info.


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