Look who’s back?!!

I thought it was a hoot that the producers of the soon-to-be-out A SCANNER DARKLY (one of my favorite Phillip Dick stories) showed up at San Diego’s COMIC CON recently with a surprise guest in tow.

Scanner Panel

Who’s that guy on the right??? Could it be? Yes! Phillip K. Dick himself, back from the grave after 17 years… say, he’s looking good for a corpse.

Phil the Android

Turns out it was some form of Disney-like animatronics. Yep, Phillip K. Dick showed up as an Android. I appreciate the irony. I wish I could have been there to see this. Reports indicate the general effect was creepy and very cool at the same time.

Side view of Robo-Phil

It might have been even funnier if the spirit of the real Phillip K. Dick inhabited the robot and went beserk on the production staff of A SCANNER DARKLY for the sins of casting Keanu “Block of Wood” Reeves and Woody “Mensa Material” Harrelson for this turd in the making..

But you can’t have everything, right???

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