The Joyful Chrism of lard and sugar

Hey, kids, it’s a Bloggin’ field trip to the doughnut factory!

Come along, silly!

Our first stop is the gooey dough-making machine. Add flour, sugar, sugar, sugar, yeast, yeast, yeast and yeast, and get the illegal alien to hit the “mix” button!

Mixing and shaping!

Next, we shape and form the characteristic circular shape of our little sugary pals and send them on the burning up n’ down machine!

The burning up and down machine!  Rise, my little friends...

Then, into the vats of rendered animal fat! Mmmmmmmmmmm what a slide! Flip after one side browns!

That's no swimming pool!  This doughnut is getting a tan!  Look!

Finally, our favorite part: THE TUNNEL OF GOOOOOO! A drizzlin’ of famous lardy whipped sugar!

You know, there's people that would pay good money to have this happen to them...

And at last, into a box and into our tummies! YAY!

I'll take a dozen.. make them extra greasy please!

Ouch, hey! My heart hurts! oh well, never mind that, it’s YUMMY!!