Back again, back again jiggety jog

This is an archive post recently imported from a short lived specialized game design blogger blog I had going in the early 2000s, circa 2004, entitled “Little Blog Cabin”. I was new to blogging then and didn’t realize how much pain is entailed in maintain several blogs at once.. I’ve learned better since.

I couldn’t log in here for the longest time, mostly because BLOGGER.COM doesn’t make the process of discovering your own forgotten passwords and I hadn’t written anything down. Fortunately I’ve taken steps to retain all this stuff.


We have some projects in the hopper. Some closer to completion than others.

1) CIRCUS WORLD, a dark fantasy/skirmish game of dueling circus families. Miniatures by Brigade Games, rules by moi, self-published. First Draft and revised draft done. Playtesters needed.

2) LE GRANDE CIRQUE: A BOARDGAME, translating the Victorian/Edwardian miniatures racing universe into a boardgame format (tile placement game, actually). Khyber Pass Games has showed some interest, but it has been fleeting. First draft of sorts done, tiles done, counters done, conveyances done. Developer badly needed, playtesters needed.

3) BIG DANGED BOATS, not very serious project of fantasy naval combat in 15mm scale. For free release. Boats mostly done, notes consolidated into outline and first draft started.

4) BARSOOMIA, a card adventure story-builder game set in the universe of the first four books of the John Carter of Mars novels (they are the ones that are in public domain). Still in the talking stages.

5) TRICONQ, a world-building, multiplayer expand and conquer game using a unique triangular tile piece. As you explore you create realms, and eventually come into conflict with other players’ realms and take their lands away… Rules in the most sketchy of draft stages, as the game has existed for many years in parts of many of my ubiquitious composition notebooks. A consolidation will be required.

6) Unamed Civil War Microgame System, first battle, Aveerasboro: I discovered an extensively tinkered with game system I developed during many a train commute, years ago. The intention was to find small ACW conflicts that were reaonably well documented by way of an OOB, and create a smaller scale micro for ACW buffs. Projects considered were/are Aveerasboro, Balls Bluff, and Island No. 10. Status: I’m going to ressurect this one for possible submission to PANZERSCHRECK.

7) Away the Boarding party: A game not unlike BROADSIDES AND BOARDING PARTIES, recreating cutting out expeditions from the Napoleonic Wars. A surprising amount of work is done on this (I found lots of it in old sketchbooks). deserves some attention and probably a free or freeish distribution.

8) Amish Rake Fight: the Boardgame: A skirmish boardgame I started for the old COUNTERMOVES magazine, which seems to have folded. Parts of it are online. Needs a rewrite.

9) Rifleman and Voltigeur: a micro-scale skirmish game that is based heavily on an old Bruce Quarrie miniatures game– the game has a great minis feel to it. Man to Man action between a company of British Riflemen and French Voltigeurs. Surprisingly not much remains to be done but the art. I will likely submit to Panzerschreck.

10) Great Texas Gun Down: mano a mano cowboys and gunfighters in a modular town setup. Card based and card driven. This project has lost some steam. Cards are done, Maps are done, counters mostly done. Needs more work on the rule book.

That may seem like a lot, but I dont’ think so. My goal is to complete a few of these and clear the buffer.



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