Sergeant Slaughter in Bun-Bun Land! THE REVISION!

’bout this time last year, I ran a game at HISTORICON called SERGEANT SLAUGHTER IN BUN BUN LAND. It was a “first contact” game involving roleplaying, moral decisions, and lots of rabbity looking aliens and a handful of spacemen with advanced weaponary. (I found a huge supply of “easter villageresin rabbits in dollar stores, right after Easter, and found a bunch of COBALT space marines in the budget bin to play the Galactic Patrol guys)

The game got mixed press; from revulsion, to accusations of corrupting the youth, to comparisons to Treblinka and other fine monuments of Western Civilization. Much of it undeserved.

In any event, I recently uncovered some extra pictures that were sent to me a while back (I didn’t take many, myself, being busy with a sellout crowd of enthusiastic players). I took the opportunity to post them to the little recap page I wrote, along with some of the raging commentary about this game design that was on SOCDAISY, a Yahoogroup dedicated to the premise of humor in gaming that I belong to.

READ! me being compared to Doctor Mengele! READ! Pompous posturing! SEE! me lose my temper and resolve to double the size of the bloodbath. It’s an astounding tale of moral decay!

It’s pretty funny to see how spun up a group on the Internet can get, when the subject of the debate doesn’t even exist yet.