Nauder, you scamp!

Because I maintain* (*hardly every any more, actually) a page on, I occasionally get a popup from their “exchange program”, which i volunteered to do (hey, free isn’t free, we all know that, and if that’s the price the man wants for me to host a page, I’m down with that). Today, a page pops up with the standard net-gloop about getting rich quick:

Congratulations! You have been selected for a FREE membership which can secure your financial future!

We Are Looking For A Handful Of “Beta-Testers” That Want To Make An Insane Income… Interested?

No, I’m not interested.. but the sidebar with all the testimonials caught my eye, particularly this one:

“I am amazed how well this system works! I have spent less than an hour a day and in just 2 months I have built a passive monthly income of $4,300.00 per month. I’m convinced, anyone can do the same, it’s just so easy.” – Nauder Khazan – CA

maybe that name struck some resonant chord of memory because it looks so made up. Nauder Khazan.. where have I seen that before?

A quick google search later

Well, dog my cats, look at that. Two pages of hits, from about 25 different “sure thing money making schemes”, and even a picture of the man with his lovely wife, Melissa.

“Thanks to Concorde Vision, my wife and I are able to stay home with our two daughters and I now earn more money than I earned working 70 hour weeks as a successful mortgage broker. This system has been the answer to our prayers.” – Nauder and Melissa Khazan

(attribution: Concorde Light website)

Nauder’s been very busy lately. And apparently he exists in the flesh, making a decent living pimping various internet get rich quick plans.

Kids, what’s our lesson to be learned today? Change your name frequently. Having your moniker endorsing 25 different schemes tends to dilute the effectiveness of any individual scheme. Secondly, using something boring like “Joe Smith” or “Skeeter Hawkins”, not something instantly recognizable like Nauder Khazam.

Thirdly, how do I get a piece of this, Nauder?


  1. This is Nauder Khazan. You don’t know me nor my wife but,we have been blessed in the home based business industry because of God’s GRACE and HARD WORK..I have always been involved in this idustry part time and my NUMBER ONE goal is to help people to earn a little extra money..

    God Bless
    Nauder Khazan

  2. I am deeply honored to make the acquaintance of such a famous Internet personality.

    Mister Nizz

  3. I am glad to be a part of Mr. Khazan’s efforts. I am a part of his newest company, Alivemax. I believe in the products that this company offers.

  4. ha not sure. i just called him today, so i’ll find out when he gets back to me.

    he’s probably entrepreneurial like i am!

    i mean, i’m a jazz musician by trade but if i can make extra income on the side part time, and help others while doing it, i’ll do it as long as its a real business opportunity, not a hoax or farce or scam.

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