Penn Jillette to be on the Dave the Dude podcast show

For those of you not in the know, DAVE THE DUDE runs a neat little podcasting show on— I find it a pleasure to listen to a guy ramble on about such diverse subjects as pulling the plug on coma patients, the ultimate fate of that crazy bitch in Alaska who cut off her boyfriend’s penis and flushed it down the toilet, and an explicet analysis of the use of irony in Alanis Morissette songs (and that’s just from the latest show!). If they only knew what was playing in my headphones in cubicle land. I guess that’s what Podcasting is all about, neh?

Dave the Dude will be having one of my heroes on his show SAINT PATRICK’S DAY. MARCH 17th (not this Friday, sorry, I got that one wrong!)– namely Penn Jillette, the large, talkative half of avant garde comedy/magician act PENN AND TELLER. Send Dave your questions for Penn and listen in.

You can play most podcast directly through a browser, or download to an Ipod like device. I use a Palm Zire 72c which is great for listening to MP3s with.

Note the date change… I had somehow gotten the impression this broadcast would be this Friday. It ain’t… it’s on Saint Paddy’s day. By rhe way, I sent in these questions:

1. Will you ever consider doing a show, book, tv special or documentary that focuses on debunking faith healing and other swindles, possibly in conjunction with James Randi? I know the issue is near and dear to you as I have read your books.

2. I’ve seen your act numerous times and bought & read the Penn and Teller books. I get a sense that you appreciate the history of magic and magicians from the very early days onward. Would you have some suggestions for the listening audience about good historical sources for the history of presitidigitation in the United States and Europe?

I know, I’m a drooling, slobbering fanboy.

Have fun!

(Note: this is a very old post, the links above are expired)

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