BLOGCHAT: A cool blogging toy

I can’t stop looking for keen new chrome to add to blogs.

My latest fun little toy is BLOGCHAT, a service now in beta that will allow
little chat windows to open up on your blogs.

I have no idea if this will continue to be a free service, or will start charging after they are out of beta test. I hope not. There are some free alternatives that could be used that are almost as good as Blogchat.

This is a fairly spiffy web-based app that pretty much works as advertised (outside of firewalls). I had a very difficult time getting the master console to run when running it in a browser at work. However, no problema from the homestead.

SO! if you see the little green diamond, click on it and launch a chat window. I promise I’ll be something less than surly and a Jack Nastyface.

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3 responses to “BLOGCHAT: A cool blogging toy

  1. Nizz, I could thaw out my freezer, grab a case a beer in the mean time, drink the whole thing and do my 2005 taxes for next year, all in the same breath when I read your blog. And that’s a good thing. You sure keep it busy. Good on you. And I do read them.


  2. Uh… thanks? 😀

    What can I say, I’ve grown addicted to journaling. I’m still a very private person at the heart of things (I could never write a Blog like yours– I’ve been too secretive all my life), but I still love to chat away in my breezy manner.

    Thanks for reading!


  3. Well that’s a good thing as you should. I don’t know anything else but myself. No politics, no election bullshit, etc. I just don’t know or even care enough to talk about any of that crap. You do it well. I don’t even have to read the paper…all I gotta do is come here. Keep it up.

    Oh, since I don’t have your email, I’ve hooked me up another blog..with the same name, just different server…I should have named it something else. Come visit and let me know if you can get to it.

    My other one is still up.