What will they come up with next?

I’m using a Palm Zire 72 these days, with a high resolution screen.

A nice toy– it does a lot of cool stuff that’s sort of extra… MP3 player, camera, video camera (none of which it does well, but it’s nice to have it handy). Now I can get it to play computer wargames! I was surprised to learn there’s a new Palm Apple II emulator out there, called PalmApple. This utility allows you to run a complete A2 emulator on your palm pilot, disk drives and all, and also has a DSK to Palm Database utility that runs in command line mode. It’s relatively easy to convert a DSK file to run via the emulator. I’ve managed to get SSI’s old GETTYSBURG, ANTIETAM, WARSHIP and PANZER LEADER to run on my Zire. The processor on the Palm is actually a lot faster than the old C-64 or Apple II the software was designed for in the first place! Resolution was surprisingly good, although the interface was clunky at best. It takes a little getting used to to move a cursor around by using the palm writing area to enter in numeric commands, but once you master the menu you can have a lot of fun with this thing.

I’ve mentioned (earlier) a repository of DSK images from the bad old days of SSI, SSG and etc. If you don’t want to run them on a Windoze machine you can always try the Palm Pilot!

Here’s an image of Ultima IV running on a Palm. If like that sort of thing..

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