Dear Abby of wargames

I got these in the email over the course of a week (and answered them all, to the best of my ability).


have to say, this was one of my favorite games back in high school, and

my brothers and I played it often. We talked over Christmas about playing

again via email, and I stumbled across the Revolt on Antares Cyberboard

page you created. I’ve heard of Cyberboard before and even have it installed,

but never used it. Can you tell me briefly how it works with a game like

this? Will it actually roll dice, let you draw from a pool of tiles/counters/etc.,

enforce any game rules, and so on? Just trying to gauge how much I would

have to do “outside the PC” to run this game.


must be missing something. In setting up the Olympica advanced scenario,

why wouldn’t I put the Web Generator at the end of a 4-hex Deep Tunnel,

and pack the tunnel with infantry?Every tunnel hex has to be Close Assaulted

and can only be Close Assaulted once a turn. A Close Assault only has a

1/3 chance to dislodge the enemy (a bit less, actually). The UN will almost

certainly run out of time before they reach the Generator at the end of

the tunnel! Why doesn’t everyone do this?

I was thinking about acquiring

the wargame Mantanikau off of Ebay. I downloaded the game rules, but the

rules seem a bit sketchy; there is no explanation of what is to transpire

during game turns. It seems one has to have a main “Tactical Combat

Series” game rules, and games like Mantanikau are just a supplement

to the main rules. Is this correct? If not, why are the rules so vague and

seemingly incomplete?

The question one might ask, though, is where are the designers of these games? How do you support something that’s long dead? A community effort? Seems like that’s the future.

I’m not complaining about the emails, btw… it’s actually quite flattering that anyone would ask my opinion about something I’ve had nothing to do with publishing or designing.

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