Proposal for Flying Figure Stands

This is an archive post recently imported from a short lived specialized game design blogger blog I had going in the early 2000s, circa 2004, entitled “Little Blog Cabin”. I was new to blogging then and didn’t realize how much pain is entailed in maintain several blogs at once.. I’ve learned better since.


I am working on a game that uses only flying infantry figures.. I did a mental inventory of the figures I had on hand on the way back from HISTORICON recently, and it turns out I have a surprising amount of them:

1 pack of British winged infantry (Eureka)

2 packs, chinese kitemen (scheltrum)

1 pack, ACW Rocket troops, Eureka GASLIGHT line

1 pack, German Helicopter guys (Eureka)

1 box, Catrazzi Birdmen (Games Workshop)

1 squad, converted kitbashed rocketmen (OG WWI pilots with GW rockets)

1 pack, Zeppelin Troops (soon to be kitbashed with GW rockets)

That is a lot of flying stuff. So how to get them up in the air? Here’s my preliminary idea:

I had to host the image over on 50Megs, so pardon the little ad on the right.

I’ll post photos of the prototype as it gets built.


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